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As the holiday season quickly approaches, we are all looking for something a little different to serve our guests. Year after year it seems to be the same endless buffet of calorie-laden snacks and deep-fried finger foods that leave you feeling bloated and overly full.

This year, break the cycle of frozen, and add FRESH to the menu, by showcasing the versatility of Summer Fresh hummus at your next holiday party. It is a simple, healthy and interactive solution that is sure to make your party a memorable one!

"Make–your–own" Hummus Bar:

This is as simple as it seems! As guests arrive to your home, have them "make their way" to a delicious appetizer to start the night! Fill large stainless steel bowls with Original Summer Fresh Hummus. In smaller bowls prepare a variety of “toppings”, including:

• Chopped cashews, pistachios or other nuts
• Diced, sundried tomatoes or peppers
• Smoked spices such as paprika
• Flax seeds
• Sautéed garlic mushrooms
• Diced Chorizo Sausage
• Sliced jalapeños
Summer Fresh Bruschetta


Have your guests scoop the hummus onto their plate, and add whatever additions they like! Be sure to have an assortment of breads to dip with including; • Naan bread • Whole grain crackers • Flatbreads • Mini pita pockets • A variety of fresh vegetables

If you find you simply do not have time to prepare everything, lay out Summer Fresh Topped Hummus flavours including; Original with Pine nuts & Chickpeas, Sweet Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic and Spicy Chipotle Pepper.

"Make–your–own" Sandwich Bar:

When dinner time arrives, amaze your guests with additional creative ways to incorporate hummus. Take your sandwiches from YUM! to WOW! Try these suggestions:

In a large basket, provide a variety of whole grain and white rolls, and slices of bread.

At the first station, lay out multiple flavours of Summer Fresh hummus flavours including, Summer Fresh Classic Roasted Garlic, Summer Fresh Classic Roasted Red Pepper, Summer Fresh Roasted Eggplant, and Summer Fresh Sweet Potato.

On the next station, provide a variety of sandwich “fixin’s” including:

• Sliced tomato/cucumber
• Kosher dill pickles
• Shaved turkey breast
• Tuna Salad mixed with Summer Fresh Tzatziki instead of mayo
• Summer Fresh Avocado Hummus
• Alpine lace cheese
• Crumbled feta cheese
• Grilled eggplant, zucchini and onions sautéed with Summer Fresh Red Pepper Dip

Have your guests add what they like to their sandwiches. Be sure they spread the hummus on first, and then add their favourite fillers.

At the very end of the table, set up a station with a grill or paninni press which allows your guests to heat and grill their sandwich before eating.

Also great to have on hand are a variety of dips for your guests. Try:

• Summer Fresh Spinach Dip
• Baba Ghanouj
• Spicy Tzatziki
• Aged Cheddar & Chipotle

Don’t forget, as guests leave, be sure you send them home with a package of delicious Summer Fresh Hummus like Roasted Red Pepper or Classic Eggplant Olive. After all, it is a perfect protein rich, healthy snack to start any new year’s resolution.


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