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The Importance of Lunch

At least one in twenty Canadians admit to skipping lunch... and the rest of us? We're likely scarfing down convenient, fast foods in front of our computer screens. It's time to take back the lunch break!

You may think you are getting ahead by working through lunch, but think again. Studies show that not taking a lunch-break will actually make you less productive.

Skipping lunch causes a state of low-energy and sluggishness that hampers your ability to complete your work. This lack of fuel can impair concentration, mental acuity and even interfere with the ability to do simple tasks.

There are many benefits linked to healthy lunch habits, such as:

  • A lunch that is high in fibre and protein will provide an energy boost to last you through the end of the workday and beyond.
  • A healthy lunch can help you manage your weight more effectively by preventing mindless snacking or dinnertime binges.
  • A balanced lunch (containing food from the 4 key food groups) helps to ensure that you're meeting your daily nutritional needs for health and longevity.
  • Taking a break away from your desk can improve your relationships with your co-workers and bring you back to your desk refreshed and better able to focus on the afternoon's workload.

It's important that your lunch provides complex carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients to fuel you for the rest of your workday. Stocking Summer Fresh products can provide the convenience of fast food but with a much greater nutritional pay-off. Here are some quick, brain-boosting lunch ideas:

  • Pack any Summer Fresh Hummus with whole grain flatbreads, cubed cheese and fresh cut vegetables for a wholesome, snack-able meal.
  • Grab a Summer Fresh Bean & Barley Salad Shaker. Pair with a yogurt cup, an apple and a handful of almonds for a complete high fibre lunch.
  • Toss a microwave brown rice cup with Summer Fresh Tuscany Bean Salad and crumbled goat cheese. Serve with low sodium vegetable cocktail for extra veggies.
  • Slice up leftover chicken or steak from last night's dinner and toss with Summer Fresh Greek Whole Wheat Pasta Salad for a tasty and hearty lunch.



Amy Snider-Whitson
President, The Test Kitchen Incorporated

Amy Snider-Whitson has developed nutrition programs and guided food marketers to use health and diet messages responsibly and meaningfully.

She employs a battery of nutrition databases and has contacts at the CFIA, USDA, FDA and ADA with whom she frequently consults to help make responsible claims that can help consumers to lead healthier lives.

Contact Amy at

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