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What better way to kick off the summer, then with a weekend camping trip? Gather the gang and get on the road to a camping destination, complete with a variety of delicious snacks & meals created using products from Summer Fresh.

Picking your campsite:

First decide if you want to plunge into a “rustic” experience. Check out secluded camp areas that offer the complete experience. Keep in mind this usually includes no access to running water or electricity.

If you’re up for something with some luxuries, select a camp site that offers space for tents, trailers, or even to rent a cabin. These campgrounds have running water, variety stores, parks and electricity. This might be a better solution for small children.

Games & More

When you are planning your camping excursion, be sure to plan activities that involve everyone. Fishing is a popular past time, but usually requires a license. Try tubing, canoeing or paddle-boating as well. Biking or hiking are both great camping past times, as well as swimming. If you want to do something a bit more low-key. Explore the campgrounds (while keeping on a safe path) with a picnic.

Camp Food

Cooking a wholesome meal is often a challenging feat, but don’t settle for hot dogs every night. Try these delicious and simple ideas below using Summer Fresh products:

Maple Walnut Chocolate Smores

Spread Summer Fresh Maple Walnut Topping on one side of a graham cracker, followed by marshmallows and chocolate. Place another graham cracker on top and melt safely over the camp fire (you can wrap them in tin foil and place on the rocks near the fire, or on a grill. CAUTION: HOT!).

Aged Cheddar & Chipotle Grilled Vegetables

Slice carrots, zucchini, onions and peppers and place them in a tin foil pan. Toss with Summer Fresh Aged Cheddar & Chipotle Dip, and grill over camp fire in the pan.

Seven Grain Stuffed Pita Sandwiches

Cut a pita in half to make a pocket, and fill with Summer Fresh Seven Grain Salad, followed by sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or whatever you like.

Avocado Burgers

If you plan on cooking hamburgers over the fire, try a spoonful of Summer Fresh Avocado Hummus on top!

Spicy Chipotle Nachos

In a tinfoil pan, layer nacho chips, followed by diced tomatoes, onions and peppers. Drizzle with Summer Fresh Chipotle Dip and heat.

Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Wraps

Brush a chicken breast with Summer Fresh Roasted Red Pepper Dip and grill until cooked. Slice and layer in a wrap with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes (or any vegetable you choose).

Meal to go – While on the go!

If you are planning a trip and have to eat on the run, grab a few flavours of “Meal-to-go!” from Summer Fresh! Choose from Taboulah, Couscous or Seven Grain Salad – all come complete with a hummus, crackers and trail mix. The perfect, energizing meal or snack! (Remember, Summer Fresh Meal-to-Go needs to be kept cold, so take along a cooler with ice, or ice-packs!).

Summer Fresh Meal to Go is one of the top ten products at Sial 2011, winning the Trends & Innovations award over hundreds of other products.


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