March is a month full of memorable moments! From the long awaited March Break, to the Easter bunny doing his best to hide bright eggs for eager youngsters to discover! With each exciting and cherished memory comes the gathering of family and friends, and the festivities tend to center around a good home cooked meal.

No matter if you are playing host to this year’s Easter brunch, or you’re responsible for providing snacks to the community March day Camp, Summer Fresh can show you how to create easy and kid approved meals and snacks for this busy month ahead!

After the excitement of the endless chocolate bunnies and treasure hunt has ended, now comes time to celebrate Easter with the people you love the most! Many a time, this includes foods that don’t particularly appeal to children, or look as tempting as that 5 lb chocolate rabbit. Let Summer Fresh show you what innovative and nutritious meals you can create to have even the fussiest child in the room satisfied. (Hint: Click the thumbail images to see them larger!)

Fun Shape Toasted Sandwiches

Click for a larger imagePrepare food that will be appealing to all children, but without creating a totally separate meal. Take two pieces of white or whole grain toast, and press down a cookie cutter into the center of each slice. Spread one teaspoon of Summer Fresh Roasted Red Pepper Dip, layer with sliced cucumber, and top with other slice of bread. This will create a fun sandwich, perfect for little hands!

Mini Chicken Dippers

Click for a larger imagePrepare a whole, white chicken breast by brushing Summer Fresh Artichoke Pestoz and baking until tender. One baked, dice into cubes for small hands to grab. Serve with Summer Fresh Tzatiki for kids to dunk the chicken in.

Cheesy Wagon Wheels

Click for a larger imagePrepare 100% beef hot dogs according to package and slice into circular slices. Boil one package of “wagon wheel” pasta and one package of “bowtie” pasta and drain. Mix both pasta and sliced hotdogs together in a deep skillet. Heat Summer Fresh 5 Cheese Dip and pour over pasta and hotdogs, mix and serve for a cheesy treat.

Sweet Potato Fries

Click for a larger imageSlice sweet potatoes into “French fry” style cut, toss in olive oil and rosemary and bake for 20 minutes. These super fries pack a great fiber and vitamin C punch! Instead of ketchup, let kids dip into Summer Fresh Vegetable Hummus.

Let your kids discover that healthy eating can be delicious! All while saving you much needed time and energy in the kitchen. So this Easter, sit back and let your children enjoy each and every moment.


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