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Wheather you are enjoying summer at the cottage, on a campsite or planning a road trip, you need delicious, healthy snacks & meals to fuel your family.

At the Cottage:

Quite often, your cottage comes stocked with a full kitchen to make meal preparation easy. However, if you choose to vacation in a mobile trailer, your utilities may be a bit reduced! Try these 1-2-3 ideas for instant meals:

  • Naan bread + Summer Fresh Original Hummus + pickled artichokes + fresh spinach = instant naan pizza! Simply pop in the oven, BBQ or grill to heat and enjoy.
  • Thick cut French bread + Summer Fresh Red Pepper Hummus + Swiss cheese + sliced cheddar = roasted red pepper grilled cheese. Grill of BBQ until cheese is melted
  • Whole wheat soft tortilla + Summer Fresh Roasted Red Pepper Dip + shredded lettuce + sundried tomatoes + black olives = Mediterranean layered salad.
  • Pita bread + Summer Fresh Tzatziki + sliced, baked sweet potato wedges + favourite veggies = sweet potato wrap

While Camping:

Whether you are pitching a tent in the great outdoors, or kick’n it in a trailer, try these easy, simple meal ideas that will fill you up:

  • Pack pre cut veggies to make veggie kabobs over the fire! Skewer chunky cut peppers, onions and whole button mushrooms onto metal skewers and brush on Summer Fresh Classics Roasted Red Pepper Dip over top. Roast over fire and enjoy!
  • If you plan to catch (and eat) fresh fish, pair it with Summer Fresh Seven Grain Salad! Makes a great whole grain side dish
  • Try grilling up Portobello burgers! Add a slice of Swiss cheese and Summer Fresh Avocado Hummus as a fresh topping!
  • Hot dogs and hamburgers are the classic camping food! This time, try a little twist like adding veggie or lentil burgers to the campfire! Get creative with gourmet toppings such as cut avocado and Summer Fresh Bruschetta, Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus & Summer Fresh Taboulah Salad, or Summer Fresh Tzatziki & fresh sliced cucumber
  • If you plan to be out all day, be sure to pack a portable lunch! Try Summer Fresh Meal-to-go in 3 delicious varieties! These meals are complete and provide the perfect nutritional balance.

Road Trip

Often times, summer vacations come along with a lot of travel. Instead of the drive thu or gas station vending machine, plan ahead a bit and pack your own fresh meals & snacks!

  • Add Summer Fresh Classics Tofu spread as a sandwich filler on whole wheat/grain bread. Add sliced tomato & lettuce.
  • Stuff pita pockets with Summer Fresh Multi grain Quinoa Salad along with fresh veggies
  • Mix canned tuna with Summer Fresh Spicy Tzatziki and eat alone, in a sandwich or tossed with elbow pasta
  • Cut up cucumber and tomato and toss with Summer Fresh 5 Cheese Dip and sourdough croutons
  • Pair any flavour of Summer Fresh Snack n go with fresh cut veggies
  • Pack Summer Fresh Mini Hummus servings with crackers. Available in Garlic, Red Pepper & Original

No matter where your summer vacation takes you, be sure to always include delicious foods into your plans, while still maintaining your healthy lifestyle. While travelling, please ensure you take proper precautions and pack all perishable foods in coolers well stocked with ice to keep foods from spoiling.

(REMEMBER: Summer Fresh products need to be kept cold, so pack them with an ice-pack, and make sure to eat them before too long!)


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